Better data.
Better agriculture.

With greater access to better information,
agricultural production and productivity can be improved.


Agronomé is an agricultural value chain services provider undertaking innovative work in the field of agricultural technology. We are currently undertaking the development of low cost technological solutions to counter the local problems of consistent food production and the global threat of climate change. Our goal is to ensure the provision of all forms of relevant agricultural data to farmers and other stakeholders throughout the agricultural value chain hence improving it.


  • To increase the quality and quantity of agricultural yields
  • To support post-harvest value addition and processing of agricultural commodities
  • To reduce wastage during the process of farming
  • To further collaboration and linkages between farmers and other stakeholders within the agricultural value chain.



An integrated agricultural information platform consisting of a software application (text-based, USSD, mobile and web application) working with a set of environmental monitoring hardware (weather surveillance, soil testing, yield measurement)



A digitally organized knowledge hub for crop and land selection based on best practise in land use and crop husbandry.

Alert System

Member farmers get updated weather alerts and customized access to crucial farm data throughout their farming life cycles.

Record Database

Farmers get access to database services and record keeping tools with linkages to third party institutions and market information


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